Why choose Myphotocorner

When you book Myphotocorner, your investment is more than just booking a photographer or videographer. You are paying for an experience. 

  • A pre wedding coaching session  centred around ensuring you are completely comfortable infront of the camera. It includes a session focused on tips and ideas to make sure you are completely at ease on your big day.

  • We are committed to making your day a success, we believe it is an honour for us to be chosen to capture your special day and therefore it is our responsibility to make sure it becomes the best experience for you both.

  • We believe in long term relationships with our clients, as a wedding is such a personal and emotional day for all, we know that us being a part of this day means we will always share a special space in your memories and in many occasions it means a lifelong friendship which we will always cherish.

Other than the above each wedding booking also includes:

  • Your own private website: great for sharing with family and friends, so that everyone you know can follow the link and view your wedding pictures

  • All images provided on USB if needed.