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The student will access a recording of the one hour workshop at his/her own leisure. You have 2 weeks to watch the link.

A one hour online photography class aimed at providing students with all the knowledge to fully understand Composition in photography.

One of the most essential elements of design that emerges especially in photography is the mastery of composition. In music, composition may refer to the arrangement of musical notes in forming a beautiful song, but it’s not so different in photography, art, or design. For photography, it refers to the careful arrangement of subject matter that fills the two-dimensional space. It can be like orchestrating a quartet or directing a theater show, except it’s in purely visual terms and on a flat page.
This one hour workshop will give the attendee the essential tools to tell a story with their photography by sharing key composition techniques. The workshop is ideal for anyone who wishes to take more meaningful photos and will be of value to all levels of photographers whether you use your phone or digital camera.
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