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Myphotocorner was created by acclaimed photographer Samir Abdul who wanted to mix his love for photographing nature together with portraiture. Samir’s photography journey started off purely as a hobby, but quickly developed into a passion where he continuously strives to improve his craft to take beautiful meaningful photos.

Having spent many years honing his skills photographing amazing landscapes, together with a group of fellow professionals Myphotocorner was started with the aim of capturing special moments as they occur but also using the natural environment to bring the best out of a couple's experience.

When we capture weddings, there are no stiff poses or fake smiles. We look for special moments, for candid laughs and spontaneous gestures, and we capture those. We want you to be able to look back at the photos with a smile and remember the joy and love you experienced, instead of the time it took to get the perfect pose - this is what makes Myphotocorner different from conventional wedding photographers. The emphasis is on the emotion, on what you feel in the moment the picture is taken, rather than creating the perfect picture. We focus on capturing real emotion, natural gestures and your true wedding experience.

We would love to be part of your special and momentous day. Your wedding will be an experience, one that you want to accurately remember for the rest of your life. With Myphotocorner, you can rest assured that your wedding pictures will serve as a beautiful, timeless reminder of your wedding. One that emphasises the highlights of your day and delivers a sense of nostalgia when looked upon.

Our areas of photography also include Events, Portraits, Sport and Landscape Print. The business has also recently grown to offer videography services in line with our vision to tell the love story of the wedding.